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Pizza Crisp is an all natural dough additive made of bleached wheat flour, yeast, sugar and salt. It is not used in making the pizza dough. It is sprinkled on and pressed into the dough as the final step to preparing and forming the crust before putting on the toppings and baking.

Pizza Crisp is a tasteless moisture absorbent that eliminates sogginess and prevents the bottom of the crust from burning. When Pizza Crisp dough crispies are heated, they pop to create air vents that distribute the heat evenly through the dough while baking. The result is a crispy pizza crust - right from the oven, through delivery and even when reheated.

Use Pizza Crisp to prevent sticking. There is no need to sprinkle flour or corn meal regardless of how you prepare your dough. Simply spread your dough, and add Pizza Crisp. Whether you roll, knead, pressure press or spin the dough, Pizza Crisp can be used with equal results.

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